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Modular linear nightclub couch

MODULAR LINEAR nightclub couch in a nightclub

a versatile nightclub couch with adjustable armrest

Introducing our must-have Modular Linear Couch, perfect for nightclub furniture. This versatile seating solution combines comfort, style, and adaptability with an innovative movable armrest.
The highlight of the Modular Linear Couch is its removable armrest, allowing easy adjustments for various seating arrangements. Whether it's a small gathering or a large party, this featureac ensures optimal comfort and flexibility. Create cozy individual spaces or accommodate groups with a simple armrest adjustment.
Customizable in length, our couch fits perfectly into any space. Tailor it to suit your dimensions, and with the corner piece, maximize space by seamlessly fitting into corners.
Among the available options we offer different modules you can incorporate in your configuration:
  • The removable armrest
  • The bottle service module
  • The storage armrest module
  • The cup holder module
  • The cube module
Call us for a personalized consultation and we'll help you to explore all the options and define the best solution for your space.
Crafted with attention to detail and high-quality materials, the Modular Linear Couch offers durability and style. Its sleek design complements any decor, providing a touch of elegance. Plush cushioning and ergonomic support ensure a comfortable seating experience for lounging and entertaining.
Experience the ultimate in versatility and comfort with our Modular Linear Couch. Enjoy the convenience of the movable armrest and customize the length to suit your needs. Elevate your space with this exceptional piece that combines functionality, style, and adaptability.


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Options 1: Straight Back

Options 2: Camel Back

Options 3: Moustache Back

Options 4: Top Hat Back


nightclub modular private couch option plain back

Options 1: Plain Finish

nightclub modular private couch option horizontal channel

Options 2: Channel Horizontal

nightclub modular private couch option vertical channel

Options 3: Channel Vertical

nightclub modular private couch option tufting

Options 4: Tufting

  • Available in different fabrics and combination of colors to perfectly match your club's color scheme.
  • Puncture proof fabric available.