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Parlor chair

black and cream nightclub parlor chair

designed to fit under table tops and stage railings

Introducing the Parlor Chair, a thoughtfully designed nightclub seating solution crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Inspired by our bestseller barrel chair, the parlor chair is specifically created to fit seamlessly under tables or stage railings, this chair offers a practical and space-saving solution without compromising on comfort or style.
The Parlor Chair's unique design features strategically positioned armrests that harmoniously integrate with tables or stage railings, preserving fabric integrity and preventing damage. Its versatility makes it ideal for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, maximizing space while adding a touch of elegance to any setting.
Invest in the Parlor Chair for the perfect balance of form and function. Enhance your venue's atmosphere with this sleek and practical seating solution, providing lasting quality and comfort for your patrons. Create a visually pleasing environment with the Parlor Chair, where style and practicality unite.


  • Available in different fabrics and combination of colors to perfectly match your club's color scheme.
  • Puncture proof fabric available.

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